Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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We all agree that riding our motorcycles is a lot of fun.  For some, beyond being an exhilarating sport, it is a way to relax, unwind, and decompress from life’s stress. Generally speaking, motorcyclists - as well as bicyclists and pedestrians -- are more vulnerable than other roadway users to injury in traffic collisions since they don't have the advantage of being cocooned within 3,000 pounds of steel.  It is therefore important that as riders, we equip ourselves with the right gear and the right knowledge to keep our riding adventures fun, rewarding  and safe.

By following the links below, you can find information on various aspects of rider and motorcycle safety.  GSLHOG always promotes safe riding.  It is the individual rider’s responsibility, however, to ensure their own safety through such things as training; practice; awareness when riding; timely bike maintenance; and, use of proper gear.