Times they are a changin'!

Times they are a changin'!

The venerable GSLHOG website has been a mainstay of the chapter for several years now.  It's gone through some changes and improvements in it's day, but in 2019 we're going in a whole new direction!

Our new website is powered by HOG[SCAN] - a website platform created by HOG riders for HOG Riders.  The new platform  is more user friendly, more interactive, and along with great membship management and event tracking options, it's going to take our game to a whole new level!  We sincerely hope you enjoy the new site, and the member and membership features it provides.

In addition to the new site, with a new more modern look - we now have several more tools we will be rolling out as the year progresses.  The most visible other than the web site will likely be our new membership cards.  Once you've signed up for GSLHOG, you'll receive an email invite to the site where you can create your own profile.  Every member of GSLHOG will have their own QR Code membership card that we can scan at rides to check you in.  No more punch cards!

What's that?  Don't want to carry around a card you say?  No problem!  HOG[SCAN] has a smartphone app you can download once you're signed up for the site, and we can check you in by scanning the QR code from your phone!  No card necessary.  The best part about all of this of course is that it allows us to keep much more accurate track of stuff with a lot less effort than the mostly manual method we've been using.

The new website and chapter tools are a work in progress, but we think they're off to a great start!  Many thanks to our Director, Todd Hughes who gave us the go-ahead to give this a try and Russ Hayes of the Sunset H.O.G. Chapter for creating such a versatile and useful set of tools.  As always there is room to improve.  If you have suggestions - please send them to [email protected].




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