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It's all about the rides, but we also do other fun, group activities throughout the year. Monthly meetings, dealer events, and other varied events like parties, outdoor movie nights, meals, bowling, bar b-q... the list goes on. 
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Did you miss an event? Did somebody from the photo team snap a picture of you? Just feel nostalgic and want to review old pics? Look no more. This is your stop. We sort through the best of the best and bring them to you here.
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All year long, your Editor, backed by a crack ninja squad, works tirelessly to assemble what can only be described as the pinnacle of publishing... The treasure of typography... You know it, you love it, Chapter Newsletter!
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To be a member of GSLHOG, there are two simple requirements:  First, you have to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle.   If you don’t currently own at least one, don’t worry - Salt Lake, and South Valley Harley-Davidson would be happy to help you fix that.

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Hi All, The following info is an RTTS Update.  Times and itenerary have remained the same, but our location has shifted from Carbondale, CO to Kanab, UT.  Our apologies for those who were looking forward to Carbondale, but Stay Safer At Home orders in that state are slated to remain in effect until the end of June, which makes the destination problematic for RTTS.

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Hi Folks! Just wanted to share an update with you that we received from National H.O.G. today on COVID-19 guidance.  There's not a lot new here, but wanted to share. Thank you! Roger

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The Great Salt Lake Chapter #5211 Primary Officers For 2021

Roger Lager


Wolfgang Schwurack

Assistant Director

Rick Brodersen


Laurel Lager