Chapter Mileage



Effective calendar year 2024, the Great Salt Lake Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) mileage competition will utilize the Ride365 Mileage Program miles dedicated to Intermountain Harley-Davidson to determine Chapter annual highest mileage riders. It is the member’s responsibility to turn in their mileage to either the Intermountain Harley-Davidson Service department, or to any other Ride365 Mileage Program Harley-Davidson Dealership.

Intermountain Harley-Davidson must be the member’s primary dealership listed for Ride365 Mileage Program at HOG.COM in order for your miles to count toward the Great Salt Lake H.O.G. mileage competition.


Present your motorcycle to the Intermountain Harley-Davidson Service Department. The rider must specifically ask to have their current mileage entered in the Ride365 Mileage Program. Any Authorized Harley-Davidson Service Department should be able to enter the mileage into the Ride365 Mileage Program database as well.

Or Send the following in an email to [email protected] and we'll get your starting mileage recorded on the national H.O.G. website.

Name, National H.O.G Number, Motorcycle V.I.N Number and a clear picture of your current mileage on the odometer of your bike.


Ride365 Mileage must be turned in at least twice per year, however it is recommended to turn in Ride365 Mileage at least quarterly to show progression throughout the year. Failure to turn in a starting mileage and finishing mileage to Ride365 Mileage Program will make you ineligible to participate in the Great Salt Lake H.O.G. Mileage Contest. First mileage turn in should be as early in the new calendar year as possible. This starts a rider’s annual mileage clock. Turn in mileage at the end of the year (final turn in date to be set by Chapter Director). This is to close out the annual mileage. At the beginning of the next calendar year, the process needs to be repeated to enter in the following year Great Salt Lake H.O.G. mileage competition.


The Ride365 Mileage Program automatically updates the mileage for each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) you have registered to your name. If you trade in your motorcycle for a different motorcycle, make sure to turn in your mileage as noted above prior to surrendering your old motorcycle. Then make sure to start the clock for the current year on your new motorcycle, again by turning in mileage as noted above. All mileage turn ins are the responsibility of the rider.


The Great Salt Lake H.O.G. Annual Mileage Competition will begin each year on January 1, and end October 31. Ending mileage turn in date will be set by the Great Salt Lake H.O.G. Chapter Director. Annual mileage total dedicated to Intermountain Harley-Davidson for each rider logged in the Ride365 Mileage Program will be used to determine final mileage.

Awards will be provided to the High Mileage Male, High Mileage Female. Prizes will be provided by Great Salt Lake H.O.G.

What's in it for those riders who go the distance?

2024 Prizes will be Announced at the Christmas Party

Top Male and Female Riders each will be awarded: $100 HD Gift Card and Trophy