RTTS 2019! What You Need To Know!

RTTS 2019! What You Need To Know!

Hey Everyone!

Registration for RTTS 2019 is now underway!  Check out the Q & A info below for the definitive guide to all things RTTS.  I love this part because I get to both ask the questions and provide the answers! :).  If you have any questions we didn't cover, please direct them to [email protected] and we'll get them to where they need to be!  Keep your eye on our blog, email, Facebook, and texting for updates.  If you're a GSLHOG member and haven't signed up for the website or texting - check out the info in the blog article about signing up for text messaging!


RTTS Background


What the heck is RTTS?

RTTS can mean multiple things depending on who you ask.  For many in the chapter it means "Run Through The Snow".  Some also call it "Run To The Sun".  Whatever you call it, it's a whole lot of great riding, great food, and great fun with GSLHOG!

While it's not the first chapter ride of the year, it is the first overnight ride, and the first major chapter ride of the riding season.  RTTS is traditionally held over Memorial Day weekend with guided rides to the destination location leaving from South Valley H-D or Salt Lake H-D, and sometimes both!




How is the Destination Chosen?

Generally the Chapter Officers get together the previous year and choose a destination for RTTS.  They may also solicit member input during the selection process.  The selection is always made 1 year in advance so that arrangements can be made well ahead of time.


What happens during RTTS?

Pretty much anything and everything!  The chapter will provide a guided ride to the destination on the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend.  You are welcome to ride with the chapter groups or you're also free to ride there on your own.  Once you've arrived there generally are no activities scheduled until the Sunday ride so you're free to enjoy the hotel facilities, sightsee, whatever you'd like.

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the chapter will guide a ride through some of the scenic roadways of the area we are visiting.  Rides can vary in length but are generally no shorter than two hours and no longer than 6 hours.  The ride will end back at the host hotel where the chapter has a catered dinner waiting.  During dinner there are usually prize giveaways (think Dinner Ride), and there may be other activites scheduled after dinner.  If there are not (or even if there are haha) you are free to do whatever you'd like after the dinner is finished.

Monday morning is generally hotel check out and ride home.  While we don't always have a guided ride back to Salt Lake - chances are you'll be able to find someone (or someones) to ride back with.  If you would like to make sure that happens, just see any chapter officer and we will make sure you are part of a group going back.

Dates -  Saturday, May 25th to Monday, May 27th (or Friday May 24th if you're heading out Friday)


Location/Travel Information for RTTS 2019

Where - Grand Junction Colorado.

Distance from Salt Lake City - Between 284 and 334 Miles depending on standard routes.

Ride Time - 4.5 to 5.5 hours (again depending on routes, speed, conditions, etc).

Route details - Specific route details will be provided closer to the event, but generally the trip is accomplished in 3 to 4 legs.  Initial leg followed by fuel/restroom stop, Second leg followed by Lunch/Fuel/Restroom stop, possibly third restroom/fuel stop, then arrival at destination.  Routes will be sent out prior to the first group ride out on Friday.

What to wear/pack - While late May is generally pleasant weather, you should expect any and every type of weather during RTTS.  Obviously the weather picture will become clearer as the date approaches but we've started out with sunny skies and rode through rain, snow, cold, warm, you name it.  Depending on the forecast or perhaps even in spite of it - pack your rain gear at the very least, and if you can swing it try to pack items that can be useful in any weather condition.


Ride Registration Info

When to register - 04/01/2019 thru 05/08/2019. 

Where to register - South Valley H-D, Motorclothes counter Tuesday thru Saturday

Who to talk to - Chapter Manager, Carla Garcia.  Tuesday thru Saturday at the Motorclothes Calendar.

Cost - 45.00 for chapter members, 50.00 for guests (Covers chapter dinner, prizes, etc.)


Hotel Info/Room Rates

Grand Junction Travel Lodge

718 Horizon Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Phone - (970)243-5080

Room Rate (with Rate Code) - 71.83 (includes room tax).*


*Hotel Room Rate Code will be issued to you after you've registered for the ride at South Valley H-D.  Once you have the rate code you can call the hotel and get the reduced rate room.  You'll want to take advantage of the rate code.  As it is Memorial Day Weekend the standard rates are significantly higher.  If you're planning on going to RTTS - make sure you get down to South Valley H-D and register as soon as possible.  We have a good number of rooms this year but you won't want to wait until the last minute.


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