Mali's Ride

Event date: 
Sun, 08/02/2020 - 6:00pm


Hey All!

We were recently contacted by some GSLHOG members (Susie & Rob Lund) re: doing a ride for her sister's niece's birthday.  Normally a birthday is pretty much a guaranteed occurance, even when you're a kid, but when you're a kid with cancer birthdays take on a special meaning for everyone in the family.  While miracles happen every day, the doctors have said this cancer is terminal which makes this birthday all the more special.  Her name is Mali, and the Lund's would like to make this a very special birthday for this very special young woman, and GSLHOG would like to help!

The ride will meet at Salt Lake Harley-Davidson at 6:00pm, with KSU @ 6:30.  The first part of the ride will take you to  a staging area at the LDS Ward located at 2025 E. Antelope Drive in Layton, UT.  From there you'll be travelling to Mali's house and neighborhood where I'm sure there will be some runs around the block or up and down the street, in addition to stopping to drop off some gifts and a card.

Due to the effects of chemotherapy Mali's immune system has seen better days, so she will be social distancing but will be able to see all of the bikes and feel all of your support.  Let's make this one to remember folks.

Our editor Gabe will be coordinating/leading the ride - please reach out to him if you have any questions at [email protected]


Event location:
2928 South State Street
Salt Lake City UT 84115
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